How to convert degrees to vector2 for use in panner?

I have a material where two of the parameter inputs are “TranslationAngleDegrees” and “TranslationMagnitude”. These will be used to have a texture pan at a certain speed (magnitude) in the direction specified by degrees. I’ve added a Panner node to the material, and has a Speed input which uses a vector2 (which I presume equates to UV direction).

So I figure I have to convert from degrees to a vector2, multiply by magnitude, and hook that up to the Speed input of the Panner node. This is where I’m stumped… I can’t figure out how to convert it correctly to get it to pan in the correct direction. I have searched the web for alternatives, but all have produced erratic results - like one where inputting 90 degrees made it pan almost, but not entirely 180 degrees.

Anyways, to make it easier, here’s a screenshot of the current status of my material:

For easy zooming of image:

You know that feeling of getting epiphanies and finding solutions to issues after turning off the computer and laying in bed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently it was quite simple. Take TranslationAngleDegrees and divide by 360, plug it into a Cosine node and a Sine node then plug them in (in that order) to an Append node. Plug that into Speed and it will move in the direction you specifies in degrees (counter-clockwise). If you want finer control over the speed you can Multiply the result.

So, here’s my current material after finding the solution:

For easy zooming of image: