How to convert blueprint based project into cpp?

I am no able to convert my blueprint based project into cpp.
Can I get any manual?

hey , you should be able to right click into your asset browser and create a new c++ class there, it shoud create all neccessary code for the compiling afterwards.

under view options you should be able to see the c++ option for the content browser.

or if you want to make a c++ file of a current actor you could go into your actor and go for this i guess ( i dont tried this one yet , it was an answer by googling 5min )

thank you for the suggestion. I tried it project has been generated but I am not able to control car or character through the cpp generated project. I want to automatically make character/ vehicle move when we press play. I think by using your way complete code is not generated for all the blueprints.
Can you please help?? thanks in advance…