How to control LOD settings via blueprints?

My character has a camera that can change the field of view angle in the settings. When the camera field of view angle gets larger, the LODs fire much closer than they should.

I want to change the LOD 0 screen size depending on the camera field of view angle, but there are no nodes for that.

In what way is it possible to solve my question so that LODs work adequately with any camera field of view angle?

If you just reduce LOD 0 screen size to 0.1 it will probably affect performance on smaller camera field of view angles.

Good day vashchenko.s, welcome to the Unreal community and thank you for posting your question.

I was unable to find a node that describes what you want, but I did find some LOD documentation that could give you an idea on what other parameters you can adjust.

I hope this helps.

If someone faces the same problem, then you can set LOD 0 Distribution Scale when changing FOV with the “r.LandscapeLOD0DistributionScale [num]” command.