How to control a character through a vr god view


[UE4 noob sorry]

How to control a character through a vr god view?

Here is the result I would like to achieve : Moss demo gameply

I tried to work with two pawns :

  • A VR pawn (allow me to spawn the motions contollers)
  • The classic third personn character

BUT I cannot control the third person character within the VR pawn, can you help me???

Thanks in advance,

After a lot of research and testing I found this solution: [youtube tuto][1]

It works!

Here’s my setup :

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Thank you for the link. I was able to follow the video and referencing your screenshot I got it working, mostly. The inputs are detected.

Would you happen to have an idea on why the movement isn’t translating for the third person character correctly? It’s the character imported from the template, it tends to run in circles or basically any other direction it shouldn’t.

Has anyone got this working with the SideScroller Template? I got the controls working for the character but the VR hands have vanished.

How do you set up your camera? My VR Pawn just seemingly doesn’t exist, and my camera is stuck within the character I’m piloting. I have VRPawn set as my default pawn in the game mode. The character is possesed by player0, the Pawn disabled. But when I set the pawn to be possessed by player0 and take away possession of the character, my character won’t take any controller input.

Did you ever figure this out man? My camera also refuses to be at the player start, and will either use the sidescroller character’s camera, or spawn inside the character if I delete their camera.

I never got it working and haven’t revisited the project in a quite a while. I did however find a marketplace asset for third person character in VR, VR Platformer template in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

Hmmm… This is my senior project so I don’t think I can use that, but thanks for the find.

Doesn’t work for me. Are there any updates for this with UE 5.3.2?

I can only move the VR Pawn or the 3rd person controller. If i activate the VR Chatacter, the other one isnt working anymore.


hey can you shere more What have I reached now?