How to: Connect OCULUS GO to Unreal for development (VR PREVIEW)


I’ve been searching everywhere to achieve this, but coul not find anything clear about this issue.

  1. enabled debugging
  2. adb is detecting the oculus, via USB
  3. ue4 with VR template project with oculus vr plugin enabled

The VR PREVIEW is greyed. Also tried with the Ue4 from oculus website, compiled it with vs2017 no luck.

Ive tried running the project directly to the OCULUS GO, compiled and worked fine, however the map looks totally blurred, doesnt obey to the head direcction… maybe is not even Stereo.

Thanks in advance for your valuable advice

With the Go you don’t use the VR Preview, you Launch directly to the device using the Launch option (device is named Pacific + a number).

If you don’t get head tracking, check that:

  1. You have this option checked in your project settings: Configure Android Manifest for Deployment to Gear VR
  2. That all VR related plugins are disabled except Oculus VR

Thank you Marco! that worked.
Pity that VR preview doesnt work.