How to connect Google VR (Daydream) controller emulator to PC and Debug in UE4?

Hi, I have run the Daydream controller emulator on my controller phone and managed to connect to my headset phone, but how can I connect it to PC and do some debug in UE4? I found a tutorial here How to connect a Google VR (Daydream) controller emulator from non Android N devices (Android / iOS) - going VR! but it is just for Unity. And It is very hard to find docs and tutorials for UE4&Daydream, In Google official website, there are only tutorial for Unity too.

So, Since Epic have officially support Google daydream, should there be more docs about it? And for my question, first, How can I connect the emulator to PC?

BUMP! I’m just wondering how to just get a launched game working with this setup, I guess since it’s using wifi and isn’t a 6P setup my controller phone is just not detected by the Unreal Engine without some custom scripting (which is beyond my capability). On the other hand this is the first I’ve done anything with VR so I’m also hoping my motion controller setup is correct to begin with

Sorry to bump this again but does anyone have any way of getting a wifi controller to work with a launched android game? I can’t seem to find anything on it outside of Unity

Hi James,

Did you figure out how to do this in the end? Keen to do the same so that I don’t have to keep deploying to my phone when testing.

Does yours have lots of black around all the edges flickering like crazy? I hadn’t even gotten to try out the controller yet because I was trying to find a way to fix that, but it appears the Unreal forums are very dead.

There is a Unity demo for the controller that worked great off the bat- I don’t know if you want to test that out more. For the Unity version, I didn’t really have to debug the controller at all- why do you need to? You just install the controller app once, and it should work with any daydream app you have (at least it did for a couple different ones I tested out).

@robeastham No unfortunately :confused: Not sure what to do…
@doomtoo Are you using on your controller phone the program with the daydream controller overlay and on the headset phone the program with the box you can orientate? At first I only went and had the latter on both phones which didn’t help XD They do name the two apks almost identically though… Also what demo is this?

@james___uk With Unreal engine, I was just getting the headset portion setup first (and that’s where I stopped at- with it looking terrible around the edges- on Nexus 6P/ daydream phone).

For Unity, google has a demo scene/project for both the controller and the headset phone, which worked without any problems. But after setting up the controller phone, as long as I was running a daydream app, it would connect and work without having to re-deploy to the controller phone.

Oh that’s cool, I wish I could just get it to work. By daydream app do you mean the launched app from the engine or the controller overlay?