How to connect Google VR (Daydream) controller emulator to PC and Debug in UE4?

Hi, I have run the Daydream controller emulator on my controller phone and managed to connect to my headset phone, but how can I connect it to PC and do some debug in UE4? I found a tutorial here How to connect a Google VR (Daydream) controller emulator from non Android N devices (Android / iOS) - going VR! but it is just for Unity. And It is very hard to find docs and tutorials for UE4&Daydream, In Google official website, there are only tutorial for Unity too.

So, Since Epic have officially support Google daydream, should there be more docs about it? And for my question, first, How can I connect the emulator to PC?

Install the emulator apk from the github link mentioned in here: Daydream Hardware  |  Google VR  |  Google Developers

Then with your phone connected via USB simply launch the preview mode in the editor and the controller emulator will be connected automatically.


I’m in the last 4.14.0 verison of unreal,

I didn’t success to use the controller emulator (on a S7 phone) in the editor preview.
I’ve setuped everything (it’s quite simple when I just follow the docuementation):

  • Unreal is setup for daydream (with “Google VR motion Controller enabled”)
  • I have a pawn (just a camera under a scene component) with a MotionController component (also under scene). I’ve add a static mesh component under MotionController Component with a simple sphere)
  • I’ve installed the Controller Emulator (v1.4.02) (and it works well with my other phone in a headset)

So now I just plug my controller emulator phone in USB and open UE4 and my project and just clic on “play”. My phone doesn’t emulate any motion controller. (it’s said “waiting for a connection”) (I’ve previously unlinked this phone with the headset phone). (I can see my phone in the explorer folder so the USB connection is working).

So how to plug correctly my phone (Controller Emulator) to UE4? Can I see the link is effective somewhere in UE4?
Does it is still working in UE4.14 ?

Thanks for your help!


Hey I just tested it in 4.14 and it’s still working for me on my S7 Edge with the same version of the emulator

In the UE4 editor output log you should see:

LogGoogleVRController: Trying to connect to GoogleVR Controller
LogGoogleVRController: GoogleVR Controller Connected

So, I’ve activated the “USB debug mode” on the phone and the connection partially works now. I can trigger the inputs but I can’t control the “cursor” position.

I removed my pawn and recreate it from scratch and it still the same. Do I have to set something specific on the static mesh under “motion controller component”?

Also I have the same log

LogGoogleVRController: Trying to connect to GoogleVR Controller
LogGoogleVRController: GoogleVR Controller Connected

Ok it works from the beginning!

In fact my mistake is that I have add a sphere static mesh under the motion controller and I was waiting for a cursor movement. But I just tried wiht a cube and see that it moves, so probably the sphere move also but I didn’t seen it^^

I just realize that the controller allow just to capture rotations and so for a “cursor” we have to code it!

thanks for your help

You can also incorporate google’s controller setup which gives you the controller system they developed with the translucent controller, laser, and reticle, as well as the arm model.

You’ll have to incorporate the plugin changes into a source build of the engine. Their updated GitHub branch is still on 4.13, but you can merge those changes into your own 4.14 branch as if have if you’d like.