How to connect client to dedicated server?


I followed this tutorial on dedicated servers and was able to connect in game as a client when pointing to my local IP.

Now, I’ve set up a server on DigitalOcean and am trying to host my server on that IP address. I replaced the IP in the Level Name with the one provided from DigitalOcean and don’t have any errors when launching the server. However, when I launch the non-server application, it doesn’t connect to the right map and if I launch multiple instances I don’t see the other “players”.

My launch process is I go to my game → packaged → WindowsServer → - ThirdPersonExampleMap (the shortcut to the server with -log)
Then, for the client, I go back to packaged → Windows →

Here’s a screenshot of my blue print on the Entry Level:

And my map settings:

Project Settings - Maps & Modes

Thank you!!