How to configure Visual Studio for UE4


I am trying to right C++ Code in visual studio for UE4.7, but it won’t let me. Everytime I try, once I starting for example I type include, the drop down for the list of calls, variables, etc. does not show, why?


that suggestion is from IntelliSense of visual studio, you can search how to enable it but it not work so great with c++. So i recommend u using Visual Assist X add on, it work better.

Hey Dam,

thanks for the response, so how do I access the Intellisense, or the Visual Assist X for that matter? Thanks!

I found intellsense. But In the solution explorer, It is empty. Is there something wrong. How do I import my project C++ files into visual studio. It seems visual studio is not picking up what im typing is from unreal, or any of the basic voids. In other words intellisense is not working, despite if I hit Ctrl-J.

Hello aindangig,

Check this link: Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hope it helps!

Thanks so much! I just had to install
Visual Assist X