How to configure ARKit 2.0 image tracking?


Every time I switch my ArSessionConfig’s session type from world to image, the app crashes on iOS whenever I call StartSession. The same thing happens with the Default HandheldAR template project, so if someone could walk me through how to set that up, that would be awesome.

Also I’m extremely new when it comes to Apple product, and my workflow right now is using Unreal’s remote build functionality. But I can’t figure out how to get any useful debug information this way. The only log I am able to access is the UE log with IPhonePackager, but that doesn’t tell me any call stack, just the BP node where the error occured, and the iOS logs in xcode don’t have the neccessary debug symbols, so all I see is instruction pointers. Is there any way to get some more readable info there?

Thanks a lot in advance