How to completely disable FPS character actor acceleration


I am currently learning Unreal Engine and I am having hard time figuring out how to disable walking movement acceleration.

I’ve found out that the settings affecting the acceleration are present in Character Movement (General Settings) and Character Movement: Walking property panels. There’s a bunch of interdependent cryptic settings that do affect acceleration, but there is no simple toggle to turn it off completely.

Of course, I’ve figured out a workaround of increasing acceleration, deceleration and friction parameters to some obscenely high values, and that sort of gives me something that I am after, but I want to know the right correct way to simply take acceleration completely out of equation. I want to have 0 acceleration, 0 deceleration, and 100% constant movement speed. Only force I want to be affecting my character actor is gravity. Basically, I am seeking something like old Unreal 1 or Unreal Tournament 99 actor movement response.

I want to have some starting point from which I can work my way forwards, so I first want to understand basic movement before taking acceleration into equation. Right now, Engine already does a lot of predefined stuff for me, and I want to be more in control.

Thank you in advance.

Well the values in the character movement component are seed values and it’s usually the animation blend space that triggers acceleration. Just change the ease in and ease out in the BS BP and that should fix you acceleration problem.


thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I am 10 times more confused than I was before. As I said, I am complete beginner with UE4, so I’ve read up on animation blend spaces, but it seems that there are no blend space blueprints to be edited as default FPS sample project does not come with any. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but when I go to the absolute root of Content Browser and set filter to Animation->Blend Spaces, it says there are no items to be displayed.

I went over other blueprint graphs, but there doesn’t seem to be anything more than primitive movement input scheme:

So no one?

All I am trying to figure out is how to start off with some basic player actor that doesn’t have those advanced motion properties, like acceleration.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Start with Pawn instead of Character. It provides less. You can make your own movement component if you don’t like the one in Character.

In your character blueprint, in the components list there should be a component called “character movement component”. click on that, and in the details panel under "character movement (general settigns), you may want to change: Max Acceleration to something really high and break friction factor to something high.