How to compile shaders of all static parameter combinations at once?

For example, I have a material with 10 static parameters like Static Switch, Component Masks, Static Bool etc. When I make an instance of it, every time a new combination of the static parameter is made, shader compile kicks in. There can be more than few thousands shaders to compile for all combinations. Is there currently any way to compile all at once?

Note: Please don’t ask me why do I have so many Static parameters. There are many reasons for that. One of the reason is when you use static switch, in some situation it can save a lot of instructions and keep shader complexity to very very low.

I think you’ll find when you package, this doesn’t happen.

What do you mean by that? My question is not about packaging. Working inside editor shader always compiles.

I understand your question is not about packaging. I’m just saying that it wont happen after packaging.

So if you want to test changing lots of params, do it in a packaged version.

It’s not really an answer, but a way to go forward, perhaps.