How to combine World Aligned Texture with POM?

I have material (trim sheet of sorts) with windows with frames and would like to add World aligned Texture overlay of dirt on top of it. However i have no idea how to combine them together. If i just Lerp them the dirt sorts of floats above the parts that are ‘recessed’ or ‘pressed down’ by the POM. How should i go about blending them together?

You’ll need to make your own version of the WorldAlignedTexture node (by opening it, finding in content browser, and copying it to somewhere in your content folder) and put a BumpOffset node right before the coordinates and the texture samplers in the function, and exposing the bumpoffset values with some more function input nodes, and putting your window frame bump offset values in to there.

If you update your content examples project there is actually a slide showing how to do this in the parallax occlusion mapping level.

Note that it is showing how to apply a world aligned texture ONTO a regular UV mapped POM material using the POM UVs. The gist is that the POM node outputs “worldposition” and you would use that, combined with a normal map, to feed into the world aligned node of your dirt. Then the dirt would not stretch on the sides of very steep bricks.

If you want the POM itself to be world aligned that will be a custom material function that doesn’t exist yet. If you do a search I have described in some detail the steps involved before.

That’s it! Thanks guys!