How to combine two textures with mask?


I’m trying to add a function with material instance where you can choose a pattern, and then apply it over the original mesh/material. However, when I try to combine the two with either Lerp or Add, it exactly does that and adds the two colors together. So you get a sludgy pink instead of orange despite what the user inputs. I’m looking for a way to essentially layer the new pattern over the original image instead of combining the two together to get an unintended color.

If anyone knows how to do this, help would be much appreciated. An image of the blueprint is available below.

Thank you.

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you just need to use the mask as the alpha for the the lerp. basically if you use a mask as the alpha then anywhere there is white in the mask will be one of the pins and anywhere there is black will be the other. if you have any value between one and zero then there will be blending. thats why your getting your pink color, its mixing 50/50 of each of your colors.

edit: black or value 0 is pin A, white or value 1 is pin B

This worked, can’t believe I missed something so simple. Thank you so much for your answer!

how do you adjust the amount of alpha

Like the guy said: you have any value between one and zero then there will be blending. So the grey value of your mask will drive the amount of alpha

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Thank you, I was able to lerp three noise textures bc, normal, orm with three stone textures bc, normal, and orm and their retrospective cliff slope, normal amount values, and roughness value parameters for all six, then using an alpha grey texture and color three parameter prior to linking to the lerp node I was able to merge the three noise textures with the stone textures through alpha on the lerp nodes. That was tricky!