How to combine two RotateAboutAxis?

Hey there, I have been trying to combine these two RotateAboutAxis in many ways but I cant never edit the two rotation values on an instance and get the correct result.

Whats the proper way to mixing these two components?

Thank you

Anyone? I know it must be a quite simple solution but I cant figure it out.

Sorry for the bump but I really dont know what else to do. Thank you

I guess you just use them in sequence, Rotate around the first axis and then around the second one. Of Course the order makes a difference.

Thank you for the reply but that allows me to rotate it in one axis just fine, but when I try to modify the other axis the whole texture stretches wildly and it becomes abstract very fast.

Can you describe what you wanna archive ? I guess this will make it easier to assist you.

I need to rotate a cubemap texture in 2 axis, I manage to rotate it in one, but when I try to combine the two rotators it just doesnt work. And as I am using Reflection Vector I cant just rotate the sphere the cubemap texture is in, I also cant use World position offset.

But even a Cubemap is 2-Dimentional, so rotating in 2 axies doesn’t make a lot of sense. Just have a look into something like the HDRISphere, I guess they are doing what you want to do.

HDRISphere is using UVs and its only rotating in 1 axis. Right now I can rotate in every axis but I cant rotate it in 2 axis at the same time.

This is NOT what I want to accomplish but would be one use of this:Arrow Of Time - Milky Way Time Lapse Collection - YouTube
Yes, you can do this with a sphere and rotating it but I need to rotate it from the material using the Reflection Vector

Hm… but still the UVs are in 2-Dimensions so you would need to rotate and pan the texture to archive that kind of effects. Or you can manipulate the Reflection Vector and then get a specific Point on the UVs. There is a more complex example from the RoboRecall Interieurs in the Buildings which are just a shader effect, maybe that give you some new ideas whats possible and what not. I think this one is already in the content examples.

Have similar problem - not sure when combining multiple RotateAboutAxis it stretches and scales instead of rotating by Z and then by X axis.

Node setup: