How to combine separate body and face animations metahuman?

I want to combine body and face animation combine in metahuman. I retargeted the body animation from mannequin and for face animation I used faceware data and recorded in Sequence recorder. when I combined the animation after retargetting body animation It’s look like this. Can anyone help or give suggestion?
Acrually I asked this in answerhub but as I don’t have enough reputation to ask that’s why I ask here.


I’d like to know the same thing! I can’t seem to see any answers on this.

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Did you solve it? How?

Any solution to this problem?

This Tutorial may help

It’s hard for me to do the hair changes…

Anyone found any good working solutions? The video above is from my understanding basically a rig that has the face already included, not like with Metahuman where they are almost like 2 separate entities…

Updating my reply with the link to the topic I’ve created with a working (so far for me) solution: Metahuman: combining facial and body animation in sequencer without losing head rotation data