How to checkout files automatically on build?

I’m using perforce as source control, and for the plugins I only upload the binaries to save some space.

The problem is, every time I build the project from vs, I need to checkout each of these binaries or I get an access denied error from UnrealBuildTool.

Since the binaries from the plugins are put deeply and seprately in their own sub folders it becomes a nightmare to locate then checkout them one by one( in p4 client ) .

I used to work on a UE3 project source controlled by p4 too which dont have this problem.

So is there anyway to check them out automatically on build from vs?

Or some build options to build the project without checking them out? Because I notice that most of those binaries are identical after a build so it should be no need to check them at all.

You can modify the filetype in Perforce to make the file writable on the client, then when you build the file won’t be read-only and can be overwritten.

Excatly what I need.
Thank you for the solution.