How to check if nodes are executing during VR preview?

Reopen the editor, put it on another screen, focus the preview and enjoy. If you dont have two screens you must use breakpoints.

I searched around and could not find an answer for this, perhaps I am not wording it correctly:

Currently the VR preview on my monitor comes up and minimizes the editor. I hit Shift+F1 to get control of my mouse and bring up the editor again while still playing so I can try and see if blueprint nodes are executing, but when doing so It wont show whats working and additionally the buttons on the controllers will not work until I move that preview window up in front again (the motion of the controllers still works fine though on the HMD when the preview is minimized). How do I get around this? If I can simply make the preview not show up and minimize editor on play at all that would be a satisfactory solution if someone can tell me if that is possible and how to do it. Thanks in advance!

I got a second monitor hooked up (a ■■■■■■ one, but its still something) and hit VR Preview which minimized the editor and brought the preview up on my main display. I hit ■■■■+f1 and I brought back up the blue print for a box that has the functionality of when it is grabbed displayed on it (this is on the second monitor). I then clicked on the preview on the main monitor which is what I think you meant by “focus the preview”, the game ran fine but the blueprint on the second screen doesn’t show me what is executing when I pick up the box still. I also noticed that when I have the blueprint up on my 2nd monitor and I am typing this on my main monitor that the editor is no longer focused on the 2nd so the frame rate is low and if I highlight my mouse over buttons on there they react real slow. Is that a windows setting that does that? I’m thinking it must be with unreal or maybe steamvr somewhere for it to devote resources to mainly whichever window you have clicked on, and spend little resources updating all others.

It still didn’t work with having the blueprint on the second screen then having the preview on the main screen with the preview focused. Additionally I have noticed that even when typing this comment on my main screen the 2nd screen becomes laggy as if its trying to reserve resources or something, as soon as I click on anything on the 2nd screen everything acts fine. The editor is the only program that appears to be acting that way between the two monitors, I’m thinking that must be causing it, is there a way to turn that off?

Edit: I tried what you said again and this time it worked. I am not sure why. The only difference is that I had the editor open on my second screen and the blueprint on a separate tab dragged on to my main, then did the preview and focused it and it worked. The preview window was in the way but I could see the nodes executing, so I stopped play, moved the blueprint tab over to the 2nd monitor hit play again, shift+f1 and opened the editor back up and then refocused the preview and that worked as well. Strange. Thanks for the help NoobsDeSroobs!