How to Check if a Local Player is Talking?

So I want to set up a system that will let me check whenever a local player is talking, so that I can perform another function afterwards. I’ve set up the Voice Chat system, and I’ve created a new PlayerController, from which I’m attempting to call IsLocalPlayerTalking(). However, it seems to always return false. I was hoping someone might have a usage case that I could take a look at, or perhaps they might see where I’m making my mistake?

Code is below:

bool ANetworkPlayerController::OnTick()
	ULocalPlayer* LP = Cast<ULocalPlayer>(GetNetOwningPlayer());
	if (LP != NULL)
		IOnlineSubsystem* OnlineSub = IOnlineSubsystem::Get();
		if (OnlineSub)
			IOnlineVoicePtr VoicePointer = OnlineSub->GetVoiceInterface();
			if (VoicePointer->IsLocalPlayerTalking(LP->GetControllerId()))
				return true;
				Print("No one is talking");
	return false;