How to check for new or old WMR controllers?

Via Blueprints that is. Anyone know?

(Also, if anyone from Epic is reading this, WMR still can’t be selected as a Prefix for topics… come on!)

(Oh, and if anyone from Microsoft is reading this, I still don’t have an answer to this question…)

As far as Im aware, theres only one node that identifies the connected HMD, ‘Get HMD Device Name’. The problem is, it only returns OculusHMD, SteamVR, PSVR and WindowsMixedReality. What I would do is configure inputs to make your project work with new and old WMR controllers, and if youre using controller models in-game, just use the new controllers.

WMR is a nightmare…I still can’t even get my Reverb G2 controllers to work in my project…even with the new plugin that was released for 4.26. Good luck!!!

Just thought Id ask, have you enabled the WMR plugin in the editor? Some people dont know that there is one and it adds all the button inputs for WMR controllers, including the new Reverb controllers.

Thanks for the suggestion…yes I have tied the WMR plugin but the performance tanks while using that plugin. I have also used the new HP Reverb G2 plugin that uses the OpenXR plugin, and while the performance is fine for VR use…coming out of VR to continue creating in the editor causes the fps to drop to 10fps which is unusable (that’s even with a 3090 based system). I should be getting close to 200fps (which is what I get when I develop in the editor for the Rift S).

I have decided to just build my VR project with my Oculus Rift S for now and add support for the Reveb G2 when I’m done. Oculus literally just works with no effort…which is the way it should be.

I also have develop for Rift S and Reverb G2 and fully agree - the Rift just worked perfectly with Unreal Engine, but the Reverb didnt. I noticed that 4.26 has HP’s Reverb plugin, which changed things but didnt make it work properly, and didnt fix any of the long list of problems with VR in 4.26.

I’m sticking to 4.25 and I have my Reverb working perfectly fine. It takes some tweaking to bring performance to around the same as the Rift S, but that can probably be chalked up to the Reverb having around twice the rendered pixels or maybe a poorly optimized VR driver. Plus there’s a different origin point for motion controllers between WMR and Oculus, but thats trivial.

I’m also sticking with 4.25 until UE5 comes out. It seems Epic hit things out of the park every second incremental release…so hopefully that will be the case for UE5.

If I may ask…how did you manage to get your G2 controllers working in 4.25? …I literally spent 2 full day’s trying to do so, but they just refuse to respond to anything I try. Even trying the WMR plugin just crashes UE4.25.4. I also tried pairing my O+ controllers with the Reverb G2 and they refuse to respond either…even after successful pairing. With the G2 I’m using SteamVR beta (tried all different versions also) but for some reason the manage controllers bindings inside SteamVR never completes it load…just keeps saying ‘loading current binding’, but never stops. I also get a message when first starting in VR stating something about action in SteamVR manifest having an issue…which I can never manually correct. I can get the buttons to work partially, but the thumbsticks refuse to work in my project.

Out side of my project, the G2 works perfectly…

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