How to change the material of all actors in a class?

I want to change the material of all actors in a class, but I do not know how.

Hi, I think what you are looking for is this. Collection Parameters documentation

I want to change the Material with a BP while the game is running.

You will need to get a reference to all of the actors you want to change their materials. This will probably be best and most easily done with “get all actors of class” node. The do a “for each loop” on the output array and change each one’s color within the loop. If you need help figuring out how to get the references or want other methods for doing so besides “get all actors” check out video #25 in the link below. To actually change the material you will simply pull out of the object pin on the for each loop and search for “set material” of whatever static mesh or component you want to change and then you will select your material.

Thank you!