How to change the darkness of the unlit side of objects?

Hello all,

I am new to unreal and I’m working on my first scene.

I’m coming over from Unity and ive noticed some very big differences between the engines. The first big one is the lack of layer based culling in unreal. This definitely seems to present some real challenges and a pretty big learning curve to overcome.

Now on to my question at hand:

I am trying to change the backside of lit objects. The dark side that is shaded from the direction light.

I have tried using a skylight but in order to bring the up the brightness of the unlit side I have to turn the light way too high and even then it still doesn’t seem to compensate.

The unlit side is way to dark. How would I go about changing the darkness brightness of the unlit side of the shader. Would I need to do this inside the shader itself?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You.