How to change texture based on hitpoint

Think about a box, a bullet hits the box and from the hit point the the texture starts to change, going till the other side of the object gradually. Is it possible with blueprint?

and then when the process is done, if there is a player near by the infected object, it starts to take damage!

Yes, you can do that in Blueprints. The bullet hits by applying decals at that point, and for overall texture changes you can make your own materials that accept parameters, and through dynamic material interface you can change those value at run time. Here is some documentation on that: mat instance docs

Also, there is a tool made to this type of thing. Look at Substance. substance link

Thanks! but just as a follow up question, I can change the material in runtime but how can I make it start changing from the hit point location and gradually change the entire object? I’d say its probably the hardest part for me. maybe some examples could be nice if you have the time!