How to change submix effect parameters? (Filter Freq)

Hey guys,

amazing work on the audio engine. :slight_smile: This is so much fun! Yet I am new to BPs and learning it. :slight_smile:

quick & dirty: I want to control the filter frequency of a submix via blueprint.

I want to use a slider to set the frequency, getting slider info → frequency value is done. Now I am just looking for how to find out how to set the frequency onto the submix… I can’t find the submix or the filter. I can find LOTS of blueprint commands referencing something about submix & filter, but I can’t see what I need to do what I need to do…

I’m thinking:
-the submix must be avaible somewhere somehow, variable somewhere?
-same for the filter

But how?

Thanks to all!

Here’s a tiny working setup! Yep, need to create refs/vars…everything has them. Either by clicking the + and searching for the right type, or dragging out from a related node, from the little pin you want a var of. Drag out from it, let go, on top of the long menu list it will say “Promote to variable”.

There’s more to submixes, f.ex sends, but this example is about changing a submix effect parameter live.
This bp references a specific sound just to have a sound. In reality, every sound that points to the same submix, will also have that effect affect them.

Oh wow Arthur, thank you man! Yeah I was sure there was a way.

Currently I’m checking out every map & project I can get my hands on to learn their BPs but I also think I’ll need to do at least all of the tutorials on the UE doc site.
Because THIS is awesome stuff. Thanks Arthur!