how to change sprite color at runtime?

Hello, i’m working on a 2d action side-scroller game, when the player wins the game he will unlock some hero’s suits, these suits will give to the player some unlimited powers.

to let the player saw that his hero is wearing a new suits i want to change the base colors of the suit, here is a picture of the main player

i need to change the base color the dark and light blue, to yellow, red, green … the player will unlock 5 or 6 suits, to add replay value to the game.

any idea on how to do this un ue4? i’m trying to avoid to have all the sprites of the player (idle, run, jump, attack, air attack, die, hurt, magic attack …) in 5 or 6 differents colors.

thanks in advance for all the help.

sorry for the bump, but i’m still trying to figure out a solution for this.