How to change pivot point on instanced static mesh billboard material?


I made a similar post regarding this issue here.

Essentially, I’ve created a billboard material of a sphere/circle using the Math Hall Example 2.20. I use the billboard material on an instanced static mesh, then apply a sphere mask on each instance to make them all look like spheres. Here’s an image of the material without my sphere mask applied to it:

My problem now is that the billboard rotates/pivots around its bottom-center point, but that is also where my sphere mask is centered. The result is that the sphere mask only creates a semi-circle in the bottom half of the billboard ([like this][2]). Is there a way for me to shift the billboard down such that it rotates around its middle-center to face the camera? Or is there a way for me to shift the sphere mask up along the billboard surface so that it stays in the center?

Here’s an image of what my current material setup (with the sphere mask) looks like. Everything off-screen to the left is mostly identical to the M_CameraVector_to_Object material image above:

Any help is appreciated! :smiley: