How to change my Character mesh material dynamically after a delay

I want to change my character material dynamically after a delay in blueprints i have looked at dynamic material instance function but i need some help getting it to work with a delay.

you can make a blueprint following this:
event begin play-create material(using ur instance)-set material(drag it from ur mesh)-delay(press key D and click)-set parameter(drag from the spawned mat) or set material(another,for ur mesh)

im now on my phone so there isn’t screenshot,excuse me
if there’re still confusions,contact me,my mail addr is

it both works in level bp and actor bp!

Ok thanks i will try i will contact you if i need a visual presentation.

I need a screenshot. I am new to the blueprint scripting. I will send you a mail.

anyone has the same question or other problems can write to me!