How to change mass of the default third person character

when I go to my third person character’s components and try to change my third person character’s mass, I can only change mass of CapsuleComponent but when I try to log out FindComponentByClass->GetMass() it does not recognize my changings in CapsuleComponent’s Component… also I tried to log what was FindComponentByClass and it was CharacterMesh… I thought that maybe third person’s characters Mesh is Inheriting from CharacterMesh Class

but why does it matter? I want to change the mass of the character…
also, I tried to go to GetMass() method and I found out that it’s in UPrimitiveComponent so UPrimitiveComponent in my case is CharacterMesh that inherits Mesh in my character’s components… later I found out new method CalculateMass() that goes to USkeletalMeshComponent and calculates mass. I could not understand how to change the mass of the character.

This is CapsuleComponent’s details tab


This is my logs