How to change key value dynamically for different actors?

I know how to change the key values dynamically, but looking at the code, it seems to use the same level sequence (or rather the same MovieScene) instance no matter how many actors are playing the same level sequence. I’m creating new movie players and rebinding the actors in certain tracks. But for some animations, say a “pick up item” animation, the item may not be perfectly flat, so one side is higher than the other and I want to change the keyframes on each side to lower my lift device at the appropriate height.

My question is this. If I create a new player with ULevelSequencePlayer::CreateLevelSequencePlayer(), can I change a keyframe value and not affect other players? If not, is there a way to duplicate the LevelSequence or MovieScene?

I guess a simpler question is how do you make dynamic animations where you can change keyframe values or add offsets to certain animations to adjust for positioning when multiple actors must animate together and they can’t be located at the exact position (ie. flat ground) that you made the sequence?

So far, I’ve been doing it manually. I couldn’t even advance or back up a character using a LevelSequence. And this was a constant fixed hardcoded amount. Could not do it with a Level Sequence. And the worst past is when you manually advance or rewound a sequence using a relative transform, the actor would disappear into the distance.