How to change email address?


When I signed up for my Epic account, I used an email address that is now “phased out” :rolleyes:
I tried to change the email addressin my Epic account in the profile settings, but the email address associated with the account cannot be changed there.
How can I change the email address?


to change your email details you need to contact {removed}, I would have answered sooner but it took me a while to find that email address.

hope that helps:)

(EDIT, this information has changed. Please see the post below from Stephen Ellis)


Thanks :slight_smile:
Ill contact them.

Hello! please help : how to change the email address I have your link does not work

Our process has been updated.

Please follow this link for information regarding how to change your email address:


Shouldn’t the users be able to change their own email address?

hello haw I can change my e-mail my old account didn’t work any more?

Thank god I found this thread. I’ve sent a message twice to the support email waiting to change my email. Never got an answer. Now I finally found that form.

none of the links work anymore, does anyone know how to fix it now?

cant open the link pls help me this just pop up Liquid error: undefined method `gsub’ for nil:NilClass English

Ain’t working … pls update …

This service is currently unavailable as we’re making some updates to our backend to improve this process. I’ll post here as soon as it’s available again. Apologies for the inconvenience folks!

A long time ago I made an account with a fake email but it is actually someone’s email and I connected my Xbox to it and have to accounts I would like to get rid of someone help

I also accidentally hooked mine up to an email someone else already had please let ME CHANGE MY EMAIL

I accidentally put the wrong email please let me change my email.

Bonjour j’ai utiliser une fausse adresse email je voudrais donc changer mon adresse email svp comment faire ? j’ai fais des achat sur ce conte

extremely frustrating…

Say hacker got your account, all he would have to do is change your email to his and he can lock you out totally. that don’t sound secure at all.

Im trying to make a new account, but I cant cause my e-mail is tied to this one. I want to change my E-mail to make my new account, to link with my psn

can you change email now