How to change Depth of Field by time?

Hello everyone. I’m playing with blueprint to learn and make the things that i’ve think about it. I am new in a way. That’s my question.

I want to make blur on all entire screen by time. I mean when player started to game there is no blur. After 60 second blur will be max by increasing.

I found Depth of Field options to make blur that i want. I’m making GuassianDOF. Basically, i want to increase to values of Near and Far Blur Size by time.

I hope you got what i mean. Thanks for your helps :slight_smile:

I made this, it increases the fringe when the timer is started.

  • Left click on the break post processing and check the boxes for depth of field instead of fringe.
  • Change the fringe nodes too depth of field nodes.
    Set it too end NOT on 0 like is coded there, but on the maximum blur you want.

Thank you man! It worked :slight_smile: