How to change color (in material) of individual instanced foliage actors in BP?


I’m trying to make an advanced wind shader. I’m trying to get rolling storms to work and im trying to change variables inside of my material instance for each individual foliage instance (Painted foliage.) I dont know how to reference each instanced foliage actor as one actor, or how id go about changing the values of each individual foliage piece.

Example - I want to take a BP that has a trigger, drag it across the landscape and change the wind strength on foliage as the trigger passes over them.

I don’t know how but I’d love some help if possible.

Thanks for your time!

after the trigger bp passes over the foliage does it need to retain the change in wind strength?
if no, then you can just feed a parameter collection the location of the trigger and run it through a spheremask.
if yes, then you have to save the data into a rendertarget which is going to be a good deal more difficult.

also, do want to adjust only the strength or also change the direction?

Yes i would like to.

To explain a little better, if you don’t mind, let me go over my thought. I have a normal wind shader, basic, over the entire landscape. I have a BP with a trigger that i want to drag over the foliage to change the wind parameters only at the triggers location. So each individual clump of grass can be affected by the trigger instead of all foliage at once.

Thats what i want to figure out. Problem is i don’t know bp enough to get this working. This is literally the last piece of my shader. Pretty much if i finish this i can finish the rest no problem.

Sorry, but i think i figured it out! Your help was awesome for starting! What i did was formed the blueprint and update it,… at tick for now… in the level blueprint. This sets the “storm” location and radius to a parameter collection. After that i lerp from the sphere mask into the values i want. Color, wind, etc. Thanks!