How to change character material during idle animation?

Hello. I’m new to UE4 and to animation in general, I learn as I go on.

I want my 3D third person character to change eye color during idle animation.
Everything is one mesh. I want to change the character’s material back and forth during idle animation (like flickering).

Do notifies work? Do I have to do in my 3D program before hand? What’s the easiest way to do it?

Thank you!

In your Animation blueprint set an value (bool) that indicates that your char is in idle-mode.
In your third Person blueprint get your Animation bluerpint (cast to) and get the bool from your idle-mode.

In “Event beginning” make a node “create dynamic material instance” from you your mesh. Your material must have a vector3 value that can Change the Color. Name the Parameter Color. In create dynamic material instance choose your material instance. Promote this to a variable. Then over Tick you can check (branch) if the idle-mode is true. If yes then set the promoted material->set paramter. You get a node in wich you type the Parameter Name you want to drive.

This is only a quick Explanation. For deeper Detail you have to look at materials.