How to change channel number from 2 (stereo) to 1 (mono) for Audio::FAudioCapture


I want to use FAudioCapture and get the input data of the microphone. but audio data is always on 48000 sample rate and stereo.

I need the microphone to capture mono data. Is there any way to change the FAudioCapture to capture the data in mono? and maybe 16k as well?

I went through the documentation but didn’t find anything in that regard. The ``FAudioCaptureDeviceParams` that the FAudioCapture accepts as a parameter at initializing also doesn’t have anything related to the number of input channels or sample rate.

By the way, I want to change these settings through the CPP codes.

Thanks and Best regards.

Is this for memory purposes? Mono is always mono regardless if you capture the source on multiple channels so maybe just use one channel? This thread might be useful.