How to change background color in the Shader editor preview?


Can someone tell me how to change the background color for the preview in the Shader editor, please?
Do you know if it is possible to put a custom image there?

Thank you very much

It seems to be hardcoded in FMaterialEditorViewportClient::GetBackgroundColor(). You would have to modify the source to get an image in there.

Is the shader background color still hardcoded? It would really be nice to be able to change it at least to a different solid color. This really should be in the extra options in the viewport for the shader editor.

I think it’s worth reviving this thread to ask for this feature. Kinda annoying how I can’t change it to something that isn’t black.

Same here, I Would like to see it editable. Cant see stuff thats already black in my texture…

Please fix this, it is extremely painful to edit dark materials.

Hope to see this being an option one day!

Ah man … this needs to be fixed !

I think an option to simply hide the sphere (but not it’s use- as in substance painter) would go a long way as well.

When I look at a mesh in wire frame the sphere interferes!

Thank you Daniel Wright!