How to change air control with C++

I am making a first person character class from scratch so I can learn the engine better. I am trying to change the air control of the character, but I can’t seem to change it. First I found out that I can change the air control with CharacterMovement->AirControl but I am told by VS that it’s private and I cannot access it. So I try to store it as a variable by doing UCharacterMovment* ucmc = GetCharacterMovement();' and then changing it by doing ucmc->AirControl`, but I am now told that “pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed”
Please help!

“pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed” means you need to include the class up top:

#include "GameFramework/CharacterMovementComponent.h"

AirControl is a public parameter also. so this is enough: (do it in the character constructor)

GetCharacterMovement()->AirControl = 1.0f; 

AirControl expects a value from 0.0f to 1.0f.

Works fine now, thanks!