How to change a global gamma?

How to change the global settings of gamma in the game. For example we have a slider, we want it to change the parameters of the gamma, how to do it?
Maybe there is a console command, or what?
We can not deal with this :frowning:

Hey Dneproman -

All you would need to set this up is a Global Post Process volume and add the following Blendable Post Process Material into the volume. Run the Scalar Parameter Value (which I called Gamma_Correction) through a Blueprint control in which you set up a slider to adjust the value in a predetermined range.

Gamma at its simplest form is a power law function meaning the results are a power of the input times a constant (and in its simplest form that constant is 1). We do have a color grading feature in our post process volumes which is a more advanced form of Tone Mapping which can also be used to help adjust Gamma. More on that here, Color Grading and Filmic Tonemapper | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

EDIT: Very sorry in my haste I forgot to post the Image.

Hi Eric!
In truth, I did not count on a quick response, thank you so much, this is what i need!
Many thanks!

I implemented a Gamaoption this way, inside the editor it works as intended (4.6.1), also “standalone play” works fine. However if the project is packaged the option just has no effect at all.

Hey AlexW88 -

Can you be more specific as to how you are changing the Gamma_Correction Option at runtime? Is it a part of your level blueprint, character blueprint? A specificly created actor blueprint? As much information as you can would be helpful.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

thank you for your quick response, and also for providing this guide. I’m changing it through set scalar parameter within a widget blueprint.

Apparently it seems like there was some issue with the packaging. I packed it a few more times, and after like the 4th time the function started out of sudden to work (without any change to related code or assets) and keeps working nicely till now.

What are you packaging for? Mobile does not currently support the Post Process Blendables yet.

Thank You
Eric Ketchum


This is a fantastic solution, but I am getting no anti-aliasing when I implement this method. Please see post here:

any help is greatly appreciated!

cmd: gamma 0-10

This works well, should be the favorite answer here!

gamma is clamped by the engine between .5 and 5.0. The default value is 2.2.

Updated this as the accepted answer. Command Line is arguably a preferable alternative to creating an asset!