How to capture camera view of non-player actor


I am new to unreal engine and my question my sound dumb, I have made an AI character that follows the player, I have also attached a camera to the AI character, what I want to do is to capture the camera view of the AI character and save it into the file either through blueprints or c++, is there a way to do it. Please note I am doing all this for my research project. I will be extremely thankful to you

tried, not working. I think SceneCapture2D should work, but I have no clue how to use it

I haven’t tried it but I think that recording to sequencer can help you :wink:
Here’s a link: Recording to Sequencer | Unreal Engine Documentation

If you just want to change view to the AI character, you can use the “SetViewTargetWithBlend” blueprint node.