How to capture an external window and use as a texture?

I am trying to figure out how, if at all possible, for an unreal engine application to capture an external application on a windows machine and stream it to a texture within the unreal engine application. So I want to use unreal engine to capture another windows application and then stream the captured content onto a texture in unreal.

I am looking for anything in the unreal libraries that may help to capture the video from an external application for this purpose.

Let me know if any further information will help.

Thank you for trying to help.

Rama has a node for loading images from disk and returning them as UTextures, and Epic have the download Image node which can be pointed to a local path. If you run these on tick all you will need is capturing the image itself to a jpeg or something. I think finding/writing some software that can capture & overwrite a jpg at set increments, say 30 times per second, might be simpler than trying to write Unreal to capture another screen, I just doubt it has any functionality for it. Of course, if you write your own capture, you could dump the code in Unreal as a plugin then drive it to capture on tick also, then call the download image to grab it, or better pass the image directly to Unreal, but no idea how to do that (which I realise is your original question). I know I haven’t answered your question but maybe an extra bit to think about hopefully.