How to calculate torque vector to rotate object in direction of certain rotation?

I have created a function which slowly moves an object (pawn) from the current rotation towards another given rotation (the direction the object is moving in), which is based on an example I found. Since I am working on a physics based demo, I would like to recreate this function with using torque instead of just setting the rotation step by step.

My current question is, how do I calculate the vector I have to put into “Add torque in degrees”/“Add torque in radians”?

The question is not so much about the magnitude of the vector necessary to turn the object, but the correct direction based on the current and the desired rotation.

PS: I found this old thread on stackoverflow concerning the issue but was unable so far to work out the meaning of all variables required. Also, this attempt seems to have a slightly different approach on how the desired location is defined.

I’d start with taking a look at this thread…

Thank you very much, this thread was just what I was looking for!

I did not use the plugin-based solution you discussed with @seedonator but developed from the blueprint posted by @Everynone

Ironically, your thread did not exist when I started looking for a suitable solution. Glad, it exists now! :slight_smile: