How to build VR navigation

Hello, i have ue4 scene and i would like to have vr navigation like in this project:
Is there any tutorial / template available?
Im ready to pay something if somebody can help me with this.

A great way to navigate, especially with a standing experience on cardboard or Gear. It is intuitive and with little risk of simulation sickness.

I do not know of a tutorial, but send me a PM and we can work something out.

It’s very easy Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Oculus Rift Independent Ca will show you

That’s not related to OP’s question. Maybe you posted the wrong link?

I would also love to have this style of navigation implemented. Any guide or help here would be well received.

Just leaving a comment here to get the notification. This system seems to be a better idea to avoid motion sickness… My other option was to let the character move along a Spline always looking forward and let the person control the percentage of travel along the spline with W or S… Dont know how to do either so im still looking around. If I find anything ill post it here (if anyone else does, please post it here as well) :slight_smile:

I’m coming up with that question. I’m looking for some tutorial or information on how to do this navigation of this link posted here:- YouTube
I only managed to teleport on the same level, change level and delay entry. Do not figure out how the action does not work if the user gives up as in the example. I’m sorry for English.

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.21.2 and Oculus GO.

Thank you!

This is what I am working on too, I just posted a new thread about integrating 360 tours in to UE.

I have seen this tutorial which would work well with teleporting, if you can imagine each plane used as a icon or widget, then once you teleport into or onto that plane, the 360 image can be viewed attached to the pawn, and all around you, the question is, how do you get other teleport targets to show through that sphere now enclosed around your pawn ?

Instead of the stupid arrow and sound effect, each plane could be a hotspot inside a dollhouse that links to that 360…0&pbjreload=10

what would be great, is a transition or motion blur effect, showing the 3D model for a second as the camera moves in the direction of the clicked hotspot, then shows the full 360 image once you get there

I wish this community would agree to share project files, so that once done and working, we can all get access to a 360 tour that works “out of the box” with either the GO or the RIFT or the upcoming Quest.

Heck, I want this to work as a standalone desktop app too, not just for VR.
Just like Matterport or Cupix.

The only thing we should need to do is supply our own 3d model of our room and each 360 photo we want used.
it should be that gosh darn simple.

I guess we are the VR pioneers right ?

how might I build a project so it can be viewed online just like this ?

I can see how I might be able to use widgets to “teleport” my pawn into camera positions, then unhide a sphere around the pawn and change materials depending on the location, I can even imagine creating an invisible floor and place widgets onto it to simulate depth and google street view widgets… but how would I build the project so it can be manipulated on screen ?