how to build proper lightmap for UE4

I use blender to build models, and I finally have my.models beinf UVd almost perfect. So they look good and no errors.
I do create a second UV for my lightmap…but…im not really sure whay im doing…
my models all have shadow errors…theyre just like…halfway missing and I guess its the lightmap.
anyone no how to explain to me how they should be laid out? Or a tutoial that would help me?

Thank you.

I found this short series helpfull, it might be a bit repetitive but it will give you an idea of how to do it :slight_smile: (Watch all four parts) UDK: Lightmap Basics - Introduction to Lightmapping with UDK Part 1/4 [Tutorial #18] - YouTube

Take a look at this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: 2nd UV Channel (english) - YouTube :slight_smile:

this is very helpful. thank you!