How to build only the UE4 project with VS2013 Win64

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I’d like to know what are the steps required for building the UE4 project in VS2013 community edition. Since I believe that it’s the most stable combination I have UE4.9.2 version, VS2013 community edition with Update 5.

In order to export only my UE4 project to VS2013 do I have to compile the editor as well or is it possible to have only the project exported?


If I understand what you’re asking:
Once you’ve created your project, both the engine code and your project code will show up in the solution. To build just your project and not your project AND the engine source, either select it from the “build” menu or right click it under the pane on the left and build it from there. Do not “build solution” as it will build both your project and the engine source, and it’s not really necessary to build the source unless you’re making changes there.

If you’re asking if it’s possible to have ONLY your project and NOT the source in the solution, the answer is “you can’t”, as far as I know.

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You got it correctly, If need to summarize the whole process I’m going through: I create UE4 FPS project where all game scene are composed in UE4 editor which has 4.9.2 engine installed. It creates the Myproject.uproject file and everything is fine up to now it runs smoothly and If I want. I can create a packaging for the targeted system.

Going to the next step, I want to create the whole project as VS2013 Community Edition project. In order to do that I go to the MyProject.uproject folder and right click at the MyProject.uproject as being instructed in UE4 docs and wiki. In the pop up context there is an option to generate the Visual Studo solution, I press and it automatically generate the solution but with one exception. In VS2013 solution there is only Engine project under the MyProject solution, and not any source code associated with MyProject, does this means that generated files are wrong ?

Aside from the above discrepancy,

-#1) I really want to know is there 2 types of source codes, one for editor and one for the engine? Or having the editor installed means that I own both of them? Judging from epicgames folder it seems that I have both, but please confirm.

-#2) And where comes into play the source from github, or does it really required at all?

So what you should be seeing is “Solution ‘Your Project Name’”. Under that, you should see a folder titled “engine”. That folder contains both source related to gameplay developement and, I believe, the editor, yes. Below that, you should see “games”. This is where you source should be, assuming you have any. It would be under whatever you titled your project.

If you don’t see your project’s source code, you might check which of the two FPS templates you chose. One is blueprint-based and has little or no code in it. I don’t remember which, offhand, but it’s worth double-checking.

If you’re positive you’re using the C++ template, check the C++ content folder. If you see some classes there, then you may just need to generate your C++ project. To do that, go to the “file” drop-down menu and select the option under “project”.

As for your question about github, you don’t ever need to touch it unless you want to work on the engine’s source code and promote it beyond your own use. I might be wrong, but I don’t think you’re planning on that yet, so you can safely ignore github.