How to build for Windows developing on Linux?

I have been trying to find the answer to the question. I would like to develop on Linux, but I can’t because I found the information that I can’t build for Windows using the Linux version of UE4. I need to build a multiplayer game that will be working on many platforms (Windows, Android, Linux, etc.). In other words, the server will be running on Linux, and people will be able to connect to it from different platforms. So I should have a possibility to build for many platforms.

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It is possible to use cross compilation to build for Linux from a Windows machine however the reverse is not available. When developing on Linux, the only available platform for packaging is Linux. If you want to package for multiple platforms, your best solution would be to use Windows for development and then package for other platforms as necessary. This wiki page includes information on how to setup cross compiling for Linux: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums



Thank you for clearing the situation for me because I was confused. Due to Microsoft policy, we would like to use only Linux machines in our company. It’s possible with other software we need but not with UE4. Because more and more people choose Linux as a developing platform, I wish to know when Epic is going to improve the user experience on Linux.

If i’m not mistaken Wine allows for cross compiling (it actually main feature of it) but UE4 would need to support it

Dzięki! Do you mean installing UE4 for Windows on Wine?

Development of the Linux editor is driven by cooperative teamwork between internal devs and the community with the intention that the pace of development will increase as more people turn to Linux as their platform for development.

Is this still the case for 4.18, or is it possible, now, to develop in Linux (Ubuntu or Linux Mint) and build for Windows?

If it is still currently not possible, is there a place where we can make a feature request for this?

I just moved on linux cause of the new machine, as it won’t support win 7. Found no solution searching the net other than do this complex way and in theory it may work… If any1 knows anything that 'be great.