How to blur far objects?


How to make blurring to objects, that located far from us?
I need to blur some objects, that are not in current map, ie, I need to blur all objects, that a far from borders of current floor.

I have made something like

but in my example is too sharp transition and when char is outside post processing volume, all far objects visible well, what is incorrect.

Its called Depth of FIeld (DoF for short). You can also blur objects that are close to you!

You’re going to want to adjust your Near and Far Transition in order to soften the transition. Adding distance will soften the transition. Subtracting distance will sharpen the transition.

How are things going? Did this clear things up?

Still sharp transition, not solved…

I need it to blur some objects outside the map, but when my person is outside post process volume, all objects outside the map are good visible (that’s wrong!). But when character is entered post process volume, all all objects outside the map are blurred…

I still can’t make this without sharp transition…

Put an plane before the far objects you want to blur. Apply a texture to this plane with a SpiralBlur - SceneTexture node.
Distance (S) at 0.005. Put the Result in Emissive and SceneColor to opacity.

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Hey, this sounds like a great workaround! Unfortunately, that combo in a material gave me errors; were there other assumed steps I missed?

Almost 4 years later and this worked great with UE5! Thanks.