??How to Blur a TextureParameter??

Is there any way to blur a texture parameter in material editor?
I know that spiral blur can blur TextureObjects.
But I need my texture to be a parameter but that can not be plugged into the sprial blur node :frowning:

SpiralBlur function requires TextureObject to sample from, but if you want to change it in material instance, you can copy all the nodes from that function into material itself.

And I want to ask you - are you sure you need spiral blur? You can also blur texture with custom hlsl code.

This does not work because inside spiral blur is already custom hlsl code :frowning:
And the “Tex” does only read texture object and I Dont know how to solve this.

I now ended up with sampling my texture by a specific offset.
If anybody knows how to write this in hlsl code please tell me.

and the result if following

try making a material function with a texture sample parameter in it to use instead of the TextureObject

1st of all, no you cannot do that.

There’s a basic understanding there:

A Tex Object is actually a “database” of pixels, if you want to do something like blur, you need more that one pixel, The “database” contains all pixel data that you need to do this. That’s why the SpiralBlur function need the full pack of pixels.

But a tex sampler is just a “function” which only return one pixel of data based on the UV input. (UVs are like “address” of data in the “database”.) So it wont give you data of the nearby pixels.

Therefore functions like SpiralBlur and NormalfromHeight demands a tex object for input, not a tex sampler. tex sampler is almost equals to a vector 4 constant.

If you need to modify the function, you can always copy the source code and modify it to whatever you need. Like a “Normal from RVT Heightmap”.