How to block reflection from SkyLight?

I am using a ARSkyLight in my space game and its reflection goes through walls which makes items in closed rooms reflect the stars from the void it’s really beautiful but not what I really want. Now the rooms are dynamical so I can’t use reflection capture actors to override the reflection of the SkyLight so I am not really sure what to do, anyone has any advice? Thanks in advance.

Dynamic skylight is the way to avoid problems with a mix of indoor and outdoor scenes. You will also need to use mesh distance fields:

Not sure what you mean by Dynamic skylight if you mean movable then yes I do use it as well as mesh distance fields, but no matter what I change in the settings it doesn’t affect the reflection of the skylight.

Yes, sorry, I meant moveable… :-/

Yeah doesn’t change anything still can see stars from the void :frowning: not sure if I am missing some setting or something

Can you post a pic of the room lit? I see the stars, but am having trouble understanding what’s going on…

A simple closed cubical room the only difference is that the material has 1 metallic and 0 roughness to see the effect better, the same thing happens to all the items with metallic in the room.

I build a few other rooms like this with different meshes to see if the problem in UVs or material itself but I got the same result. Here the picture of the room unlit, you won’t see anything even if I add a spotlight because of the metallic nature.

Ok. I made a solid box using a box brush and a material which is just white with 1 metaillic 9 roughness.

The only way I could get it dark with zero weirdness inside was moveable skylight and directional, then build light. Totally dark inside.

EDIT: In fact it’s so dark I can’t see anything even when I put a bright point light in!..

EDIT2: But… if I make the room moveable, then I get:

Do you have a moveable room?

Yes my rooms are movable and can’t be static

Yeah, that’s the problem alright. I think you may have to think of an alternative, somehow make it look like metal, or don’t quite push it all the way. It’s just too relflective…

The problem is not the walls the problem is all that inside the walls from interior windows to items with even a little bit of metallic will reflect the stars this is illogical why would the light be unblockable…

That’s the problem with skylight, it’s not blockable. Directional is.

That sucks, well thanks for the help I look around some more maybe I find something.