how to blend two or more materials?

is it possible to mix/blend two different materials?

each material has its own nodes and all nodes are collapsed in one single material.

Then I want two mix/blend (with or without masks) two (or more) complete materials.

is it possible to edit two or more materials at the same time and share properties between them?


Do it with a lerp node.


red → connect your whole string from the first material with A and the string from the 2nd material with B
green → Here you can add a mask, constant vector (0 = it just shows the first material, 1 = it just shows the 2nd material, 0.5/0.2/0.8/… = mix between both,…)

thanks but this example mixes two textures not two different materials.
With Vray or Octane I have a mix-blend node.
For example I can mix a glass with a marble
With UE4 we need a lot of masks to blend materials because the material editor handles them one by one.
That’s why I see a lot of nodes in many examples…

If the material node have the rgba output we could mix several materials.

Create Material Functions instead of Material, use “Make Material Attribute” for return value.
Then, inside material you can create your Material Function instances and blend them with MatLayerBlend

Is there a way to blend more than 2 materials? I couldnt find a node that does that…

Check out tutorials for layered materials (youtube or official doc)


If you prefer you can paint a material on top of another (or even more than 2 materials) with vertex painting.

This is an example of layered material

I created a short tutorial series on this exact thing:…FSQ1epSUSyZOfL