How to blend overlapping material slots?

I don’t really know what to call the title since I don’t really know the correct terminology for the problem but…

Basically, I purchased an art asset on the Unity store which I am attempting to import into UE. One of the assets is an FPS Arm/Hand skeletal mesh which combines two separate meshes and contains two material slots. One for the skin on the arm and another for the gloves/jacket on the arm.

As you can clearly see on the picture, these two meshes overlap each other, creating an obvious problem. Is there any way to fix this while still keeping both meshes?

I want to layer them so that the skin mesh is under/inside the glove/jacket mesh. Is this possible or is the way the Unity author set this up making it impossible to use in UE?

Hey @Schytheron,

How does this look with one of the material slots left empty? If it looks normal with just one, turning your character into a modular character may be a good solution for you here. You won’t run them both at the same time, but if you duplicate the mesh you can change between then depending on which you want currently displayed. Check out the documentation on modular characters here.

I hope this information helps!

@SkyCarCaesar Whenever I leave a slot empty the second mesh still remains (just viewed with another default material this time).

Anyway, I don’t think that the mesh is designed to be used in the way that you describe, because there is a empty gap between the sleeves and the gloves if the skin mesh is removed (leaving just two sleeves and a pair of floating gloves) and if you only use the skin mesh, the skin mesh displays a weird seam/mesh artifact at the wrist area. This seam is perfectly covered up by the sleeves if you display both meshes.

Therefore, I think they are meant to be used together simultaneously. I just can’t figure out how. I will attach some pictures below that show what I am describing:

Any ideas?

EDIT: For the showcase of the asset in Unity, the FPS mesh is composed of just the sleeve and bare hands (no gloves). How the hell is this possible if the glove/sleeve mesh is a combined mesh (the gloves and sleeves are not two separate pieces)? What the…?! HQ FPS Weapons (v1.2.1) - Weapons Showcase | Unity - YouTube

I think Unity might be using some kind of material layer system. Unreal has this too but you will have to convert it all if you want to use it.

Layered Materials Setup

Best ask the Unity creator if he is using some kind of material mask or data on the mesh to layer these materials. Cause the wrist etc. indeed looks strange if used separately.

Hey @Schytheron,

Gotcha, so that won’t work then. You will have to create a layered material, but it still may not work properly since the mesh itself has two material slots. Those will need to be combined to work, and setting up a layered material will require some fiddling, but the process is well documented here.

I would reach out to the asset creator for advice in this case.

Good luck!