How to black out the VR screen when loading a level?

When UE is loading a new level during gameplay, the HMD orientation is locked until the loading has finished. A static stereoscopic image like that can cause motion sickness.

So how do I black out the HMD before I load a new level?

Try using the fade track in matinee to fade to black.

I’ve been meaning to see if that works for level transitions (only have done it within a level for location transitions so far)

Just use a matinee fade track, and a delay node before the level load to make sure the fade goes all the way to black first.

Thanks, but the problem with matinee is that it can only be played from the level blueprint. In my game I need to play it at a specific event in a class blueprint.

If the Matinee would be around when the actor is created, you might consider just finding it on Begin Play one time (with Get All Actors of Class) and storing it for use later.

That works! Thank you very much!

You could use a User Widget instead, just make a widget with animation.
Before you want to open new level, create this widget and add it to viewport, then delay for the time of fade out, then call open level.
So that the screen stay black when it actually hangs, and when new level is loaded the widget is also destroyed, now you can see the new level.

The problem is that when you want more than a black loading screen, like a loading “level” with thing animating, also a smooth fade in/out.
That’s what I’m still trying to do.